16-17 NOVEMBER 2022
Pedagogical Education in the Context of Global Digitalization
未来的教育 教育的未来
NOVEMBER 17, 2022
All-Russian scientific and practical conference (with international participation) “Digital transformation and artificial intelligence”
Project Site 5: Artificial Intelligence in Education
• Artificial intelligence in education as the newest ecosystem.
• Transformation of a teacher’ working performance.
• Consequences of AI implementation in education
• Experience in implementing AI technology in education.
Project Site 6: Formation of End-to-End Digital Competencies in Educational Theory and Practice
• Strategies for developing end-to-end digital technologies.
• Link between business, science and education.
• Training specialists in digital technologies.
• The role of scientific, technical and innovative infrastructure in the formation of end-to-end digital competencies.
Project Site 7: Digital Transformation of Education: Problems and Prospects
• Topical problems of digitalization of education.
• The teacher’s role in the context of digitalization of education.
• Transformation of the educational process at the stage of digitalization.
• Experience of digitalization in school education.
• Examination of the digital transformation of education
• Providing teaching staff with professional training, development and support in the context of digital transformation of education.