Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University


NSPU Nowadays

4 faculties, 10 institutes, 1 branch

3 research institutes

22 research laboratories

More than 200 programmes of training specialists,
Bachelors and Masters

29 postgraduate programmes in 11 areas

14 scientific and educational centers

More than 300 programmes of further training

More than 800 members of academic staff

More than 15000 students

More than 1,000,000 textbook copies

More than 100 textbooks and teaching aids published per annum

More than 2000 digital teaching aids

More than 400 study rooms

More than 3000 places in hostels

More than 100 international contacts

University Campus


NSPU Main Building

FTE, IPMMP building

IMSC building

ICYP building

FTE workshops


Hostel № 1

Hostel № 2

Hostel № 3

Hostel № 4


Our graduates

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University trains highly qualified specialists for various branches of the economy: education, science, media, business, sport, management. Thanks to solid psychological and pedagogical training, our graduates possess good communicative and managerial skills, which allows them to successfully fulfill themselves in any sphere, especially in the sphere of «human to human”.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov
Sergei Nelyubov
Vyacheslav Molodin
Evgeniya Timonova