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The Ministry of Education of Russia has approved the first composition of the teacher bloggers Council. It includes 26 working educators who are also active on their social network accounts and have a large number of followers. The head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Children's Recreation of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, the federal expert of the Rosmolodezh grant competitions Elena Vladimirovna Bogdanova is one of them.
On July 1, the NSPU Marble Hall greeted skill-passport holders – graduates of the Faculty of Psychology got their certificates of professional competencies.
On May 27, Petersburg at the site of the Russian State Pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen ended the final of the All-Russian professional competition “Flagships of Education. Students” of the Presidential Platform “Russia is a Land of Opportunities”. According to the results of the final competitions, 2 NSPU students became winners: Arina Fuks, a student of the Institute of Philology, Mass Media and Psychology, and Kristina Kravchenko, a student of the Faculty of Psychology.

On June 29, NSPU hosted another Esports tournament in the discipline "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive". 1st and 2nd students of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Information and Technological education participated in the competition.
On June 21, the Government of the Novosibirsk Region hosted the ceremony where the head of the region Andrey Travnikov presented awards to the winners, prize-winners and mentors of the Novosibirsk team of the XXI Youth Delphic Games of Russia. Representatives of the NSPU delegation were also awarded by the Governor.
The results of the fifth All-Russian student Olympiad "I am a professional" were announced in Moscow. More than 850 NSPU students took part in the competition, 92 people became finalists, and 12 students became winners and medalists of the Olympiad.
15 NSPU representatives successfully passed the stage of the remote testing of the All-Russian professional competition “Flagships of Education. Students”, a project of the presidential platform “Russia is a Land of Opportunities”, implemented with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.
In the Solyanoe village, NSPU Professor of the Department of Theory, History of Culture and Museology Andrey Pavlovich Borodovsky and his student, a specialist of the local history Pavel Vasilyevich Chibyshev created a private local history museum "Solyanoy Povorot Redoubt".
At the end of February, the All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation “Technologies for Developing Soft Skills in Modern Media Education: from a Media Project to a Media Class” was held at the NSPU Institute of Philology, Mass Media and Psychology.


Mathematical and Natural Sciences:
- Applied Mathematics and Informatics (b)
- Fundamental and Applied Chemistry (s)
- Biology (b)
Social Sciences:
- Psychology (m)
- Management (b)
- Social Work (b)
- Youth Socialization (b)
- Advertising and Public Relations (b)
- Journalism (b)
Arts and Culture:
- Culturology (m)
- Social and Cultural Activities (b)
- Folk Artistic Culture (b)
- Design (b)
- Applied Arts and Folk Trades (b)
Education and Pedagogical Sciences:
- Pedagogical Education (b, m)
- Psychological and Pedagogical Education (b, m)
- Special Education (Defectology) (b, m)
- Vocational Training (in branches) (b)
- Pedagogics and Psychology of Deviant Behavior (s)
Engineering, Technologies and Technical Sciences:
- Information Systems and Technologies (b)
Arts and Culture:
- Philology (b, m)
- Linguistics (b)