Internationalization as an integral part of the institutional strategy of NSPU. It has a great affect to the development of education, research, and the institution itself.

The following priorities have been formulated to gain a more efficient and focused education at NSPU: developing the NSPU campus with the access for all campus facilities both for Russian and international students, development of the foreign language competencies and cross-cultural skills of Russian students; increasing the number of courses offered in English and increasing the number of professors employed at NSPU and of guest professors; facilitating the international involvement and collaboration of teaching and research staff within the world recognized professional associations; support for NSPU students aiming to participate or participating in mobility programs; increasing the number of double/joint degree programs; increasing the number of international contests in different subject areas, initiating by NSPU, increasing the number of international students.

Considering the research at NSPU the following priorities have been formulated: research activities of the international standards; strengthening research projects of NSPU by the participation the joint research projects with the foreign partner universities and research centers; fundraising activities for research activities; supporting researchers working at an international level for the international dissemination of the results, increasing the number of academic journals published by NSPU.

To reach these goals NSPU is building an international network of partner institutions to support international teaching and research projects developments within the institution. The inner internationalization provides students with wider perspective for academic mobility, career path and employability and provide a supporting and stimulating professional academic environment to the academic staff at NSPU.