NSPU Technopark: the NSPU team entered the top at the educational eSports festival

The main goal of the festival was to increase interest in eSports, to demonstrate benefits of using computer games in the educational process for adults and educational institution students, to integrate digital applications into the educational process of additional education centers, and, finally, to create a community to popularize educational eSports in the Russian Federation

- Our guys’ quality level really shone through at the All-Russian festival, which means the eSports work at NSPU has excellent results. Taking 5th place is a prestigious prize that we are certainly proud of. There are still many various tournaments ahead, and I’m sure, we will do our best, - said a 3rd year IFMITO student, the mentor of the NSPU eSports club Daniil Kutko.

League of Legends is a strategic co-op game that pits two teams of five powerful champions against each other in an attempt to destroy the enemy base. League of Legends, as a game sport, is divided into separate sessions (parties). To play a game in a certain mode, the player submits an application and waits until the system selects his party members. Selection is carried out in accordance with the rating of the player in the corresponding game mode. A match lasts from 16 to 50 minutes. Each game starts with a clean slate, it means all players start with the same lowest level and the same starting amount of resources.

Alexander Terentiev

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