NSPU and “KILIT GLOBAL TURIZM SEYAHAT A.S.” signed a partnership contract


On 15 February a Turkish delegation from the “KILIT GLOBAL TURIZM SEYAHAT A.S.” enterprise paid NSPU an official visit. Members of the NSPU senior management and the Turkish guests discussed a future partnership between the well-known tourist company and the biggest Siberian pedagogical university. On 19 February the contract was successfully signed.

The «KİLİT GLOBAL TURİZM SEYAHAT SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ» was presented by Atlykhan Omut, the Personnel manager, Guzel Kyiak, the Sales and Marketing manager, and Dmitry Kozlov, Director of the Embassy in Russia.

The NSPU delegation included Rector of NSPU Alexey Gerasyov, First vice-rector Nikolay Ryapisov, Vice-rector for Academic Studies Alexander Makeev, Director of the Department of International Activities and Academic Mobility Andrey Shindelov, deans and directors of the faculties and representatives of the NSPU departments.

- Our university is actively developing international partnership: today we have over 80 foreign partners and over 1000 foreign students. We are promoting our educational programs and developing joint scientific projects. This is one of our main priorities. – said Rector of NSPU Alexey Gerasyov. – The university mainly cooperates with scientific and educational establishments, but we are constantly looking for new partners and new areas to develop. When we find common interests, cooperation becomes fruitful and lasts for years.

Kilit Global offers students an internship in management and communication, tourist assistance and language practice. This program is aimed to develop skills in time-management, team work and personnel management as well as to practice foreign languages, broaden the mind, establish new professional contacts and collect material for academic thesis and projects.

- Our company has worked with Russian universities since 2013 when we created a tourist management department. We have contracts with 30 Russian universities as Kilit Global is interested in preparing and teaching future staff. In a long term perspective our team can develop a candidate pool for our partners’ tourist companies. – said Dmitry Kozlov, Director of the Embassy in Russia. – We offer 2 kinds of internship: travel assistance and hotel management. We are offering high quality internship programs according to the international standards. 80% of our customers are Russian.

Later the delegation arranged two meetings with NSPU students, presented their internship programs and explained the work of a travel agent. After that Kilit Global representatives conducted interviews and chose 32 students who can participate in internships. The presentation of the Kilit Global programs was live. The record is available on YouTube.