All full-time students enrolled in Russian universities will be able to come and study in Russia


This was announced by Valery Falkov, the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia in his interview to the Channel “Russia 24”.

The scheme of arrival - rules that allow the students to come to Russia – has already been conducted by the Ministry of Science and will be soon approved. After the scheme being approved foreign students of all universities in Russia will have an opportunity to come, register in dormitories and continue their study on a regular basis.

“Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we addressed to the Operational Headquarters to ask to permit foreign students from all countries to come and study in Russia. If last year it was only allowed for students from a limited number of countries with air transportation, this year we ask to let all foreign students arrive, which is a wide range of countries. A formal permission has been received” – said Valery Falkov.

He also mentioned that all the students can receive the COVID-19 vaccine after their arrival. This procedure will be on a voluntary basis for Russian and foreign students.

“We have the same requirements for foreign underage students. So, foreign students who want to have the COVID-19 vaccine will be vaccinated in Russia”, - said the Minister.

You can watch a full-length interview with Valery Falkov in the evening “5 studiay” program on the Channel “Russia 24”.