Two years for a big change in NSPU

Representatives from Ministry of Construction visited NSPU. During their business meeting with Rector of NSPU Alexey Gerasyov and specialists from the Department of Building Sports Facilities they discussed building a swimming pool at NSPU.

Some important facts: according to the plan, the swimming pool will be 2300 square meters in size with 25 meters in length and it will have 6 lanes. Besides, there will be a sports lounge, a security desk, a cloakroom, a doctor’s office and room for coaches. The pool will be connected to the gymnasium with a passage. The pool construction is a part of the governmental program “500 swimming pools”, sponsored by the “United Russia” political party.

The construction of the pool was to begin last year, but it was postponed due to the pandemic COVID-19. The new facility is expected to benefit both the university and local people.

On Saturday, August 21, a delegation from “Single Customer in the Construction Industry” company visited NSPU. The delegation consisted of General Director for the construction of Sports facilities Vadim V. Loginov, Deputy General Director for the construction of Health Care, Science and Education facilities Konstantin S. Kuznetsov and Assistant General Director of “Single Customer” company Maxim A. Petukhov. They examined the place for the building: access roads for the equipment are available, illegal garages adjacent to the territory of the university have been removed.

- NSPU is the only university in our region where students can get a degree in Physical Education. Our graduates are Olympic champions and Honored Masters of Sport. The swimming pool will facilitate our swimmers making their training practice more intensive and sufficient. Moreover, the NSPU staff and students will have an opportunity to take up swimming, - said Rector of NSPU Alexey Gerasyov.

Apart from building a swimming pool, the delegates discussed construction of a new student dormitory for 1000 people (the NSPU dormitories were built in 70-s last century) and construction of a new Sports and Recreation complex with a universal game room. NSPU has more than 13000 students, 30% of them come from the whole Siberian region and countries of Near and Far Abroad. They want to study, play sports and live in modern conditions. NSPU will probably get its application approved and supported by the specialized departments.

Julia Panachuk