NSPU: a constant development program

The Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University is the largest pedagogical university in Siberia and the Far East, one of the leaders not only in the region, but also in the National Ranking of Universities, as well as in the All-Russian Olympiad for students “I am a professional”. There are other great achievements as well. In his interview Alexey Dmitrievich mentioned main developing strategies of NSPU and shared some highlight events of the coming academic year.

- This is a launch of a large-scale project "Program for the development of the material and technical base and the formation of a modern infrastructure of the university." The program appeared thanks to the proposal of President Vladimir Putin to support pedagogical universities, voiced in the Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. In total, 10 billion rubles have been allocated for the development of the infrastructure of pedagogical universities. Pedagogical universities will receive money this year. First of all, the funds will be used to create inter-faculty technoparks of universal pedagogical competencies, - said the rector.

In the future, the university administration sees NSPU as the leading center of pedagogical education in Siberia with a wide geography of admission. Among other targets are improving educational programs, supporting digital transformation, increasing numbers of scientific research in the educational system, improving the infrastructure of the university.

- In September 2021 we will start building a swimming pool. Moreover, the Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov supported the petition of the university and the governor of the Novosibirsk region, Andrei Travnikov, to include the NGPU's application for the construction of a new dormitory in the federal targeted investment program for 2022-2024, - said Alexey Dmitrievich.

In addition to the plans and prospects of the university, the rector touched upon the principles of teaching staff management, building a system of work with students, the role of teaching internships in the formation of a young teacher, the peculiarities of the admission campaign in 2021 and many other questions.

- At present NSPU participates in solving educational problems of the region, and our students not only feel their engagement in the changes that are taking place in the field of education, but also they are totally involved in this process. Our graduates have up-to-date knowledge in their subject areas, use only the latest techniques and best practices. They often become mentors for their adult colleagues in information educational technologies, and our senior teachers, in turn, share their professional experience with them. This successful collaboration of several generations helps to improve the educational process, - notified Alexey Dmitrievich.

The full version of the interview was published in the electronic periodical journal "Bulletin of Education".

Reference: The electronic periodical journal "Bulletin of Education" is the official publication of the Ministry of Education of Russia. The materials of the journal reflect the main directions of the implementation of the state policy in education and upbringing, as well as the national project "Education". The thematic issues of the journal publish interviews and comments from representatives of the Ministry of Education of Russia, pedagogical community, parental community; they also present best methodological practices of educators and legal documents of the Ministry of Education. 

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