Technopark NSPU is ready to open: a conference with Minister of Education

On December 22, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation held a meeting in Ufa. Representatives of the Ministry and the Russian Academy of Education together with rectors of pedagogical universities and directors of Technoparks reviewed performance of the project “Teacher of the Future Generation of Russia”.

Rector of NSPU Alexey Gerasyov attended the conference which took place in Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla. The online meeting included Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov, Deputy Minister of Education Anastasia Zyryanova and representatives of 33 technoparks of the Russian pedagogical universities.

In 2021 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin proposed to allocate 5 billion roubles to pedagogical universities for their complete renovation and developing their technical facilities. Ministry of Education is aiming not only to provide educational establishments with all necessary equipment but also to improve the quality of training of future teachers. That’s why the target project is called “Teacher of the Future Generation of Russia”.

In his speech, Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov mentioned that pedagogical universities all over the country need to establish unified and effective training standards for the educational system.

- Creating technoparks has been one of the most significant projects this year. Pedagogical universities are expected to meet modern world requirements in order to improve the status and prestige of teacher's work. This is the main idea of the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, - notified Sergey Kravtsov. – Of course, such innovative educational spaces have been created for students and teachers, those who will make the future of the country.

Technopark of the Universal Pedagogical Competencies NSPU was introduced by the Vice-rector for Academic Studies Alexander Makeev. He mentioned that Technopark NSPU can be used to implement university programs of basic and supplementary education as well as to intergrade them with the regional educational system. At the moment, Technopark is fully equipped and ready to open.

In his response, the Minister emphasized the importance of integration with the regional education system, he also added that interaction with advanced training institutes and secondary schools of the region is equally valuable. Integration with the content of education is the key task of this work.

- We are proud of work that has been done in the sphere of education. Unprecedented funds have been allocated for the modernization of teacher education. 3407 teachers have had advanced training courses within the framework of the project “Teacher of the Future Generation of Russia”, - notified Deputy Minister of Education Anastasia Zyryanova. - The task for the next year is to fill this infrastructure with semantic content”.

The meeting also discussed ways of improving qualifications of teachers and attractiveness of the teaching profession, the idea of opening psychological and pedagogical classes and interaction with regional education systems such as the Russian society "Knowledge" and the historical parks "Russia is my history".

The opening of the Technopark of Universal Pedagogical Competencies NSPU is scheduled for January 2022.

Eugeny Grishukov