NSPU students are winners of the International competition of Chinese culture

In January, Dalian University of Foreign Studies held an online tour of the “Wonders of China” competition as part of the annual “Chinese Language Bridge” project.  NSPU IIGSO students Nuria Orunbayeva, Veronika Noskova and Daria Smetanina became winners of the competition.

The competition is also called "Chinese as a Communication Bridge" or "Chinese Language Bridge". The project started in 2002 and it’s becoming more and more popular each year. Students from all over the world including the USA, France, Germany, Russia, Korea, Kazakhstan, etc. strive to participate in the "Chinese Bridge". It’s not surprising as the competition gives the best students the opportunity to demonstrate their level of knowledge of the Chinese language and show their knowledge in the culture, history, art, geography, music, literature of China.

- I had no doubts about our students’ success: the girls are very active not only in academic studies but also in the Chinese language competitions, - says the supervisor of the winners Agnia Nikolaevna Chistyakova, Associate professor of the Department of Theory, History of Culture and Museology of the Institute of History and Liberal Arts Education NSPU. – They successfully completed the autumn online tournament and received certificates, after that the students were invited to participate in the winter online tour. We keep on preparing students for further competitions.

The competition is traditionally held in 3 stages: making up a monologue on a given topic (3 minutes), answering questions on the Country studies of China and giving a performance of any kind including singing, dancing, calligraphy competition, taijiquan practice, etc.

The final competition will take place in China. The winners of this tournament will be awarded the title of “Ambassador of the Chinese Language and Culture” which means the opportunity to study at any Chinese university or travel around China. The "Chinese as a Communication Bridge" competition has other nominations such as "the Best Oratory", "the Best Speech", "the Best Manner" and "the Best knowledge". Each year the participants show deeper knowledge about China making the event more and more interesting and exciting.

- In order to receive a special diploma, the participants must attend all the online classes. The teachers assess the students’ active work, their answers to questions, the ability to conduct a conversation. They also have to complete several tasks related to the culture of China. Based on the results of the project, we took tests and filmed a video in Chinese, - says the winner, 4th year student of IIGSO Nuria Orunbayeva

Taking part in the competition is available for any student who studies Chinese or who loves Chinese culture. More information can be found on the official website of the competition: (in Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Arabic).

Victoria Sassa