A modern school deserves a modern teacher!

A new school is waiting for NSPU graduates 2022. NSPU introduces a system for training future teachers based on the principles of team building skills required at new educational organizations in the region.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin called the new educational facility under construction as an exemplary modern school. Designed by a Dutch architectural and consulting company, Novosibirsk School 220 has already become an important item on the itinerary list for the most distinguished visitors. The new educational space is located in the Evropeysky Bereg microdistrict on a large plot that gives a grandstand view of the school from all directions.

NSPU, together with the Ministry of Education of the Novosibirsk Region, is implementing an early career guidance project for the university graduates. They are supposed to be future employees of new schools which are going to be built in 2022 and later. The most important subject in the project is a series of special team-building sessions that will be focusing on the effective work of young specialists cooperating in a team. This preliminary preparation of the undergraduates who will have to join teaching staff at schools is believed to facilitate their professional adaptation and reduce the risk of layoffs during the first years of work.

School 220 is one of the first schools where the new project will be tested. The new educational building is scheduled for the second half of 2022. The school promises to become one of the most modern and high-tech establishments in the region.

When designing interior spaces, the European creators adhered to the principle of openness and transparency of the educational process: most of the walls between classrooms and halls are made of glass, and there is a multi-light atrium with a skylight in the roof and stained glass windows that enhance natural light transmission.

The educational process will take place not only in the classroom, but throughout the entire space of the school, and on its territory. The school building and surroundings are ready to accommodate any educational technology. The school principal Anna Dmitrievna Shmakova notes that there are no specialized classrooms at the school, they have been replaced by modern educational clusters: media and art, sports, natural science and technology. Future teachers will have unlimited opportunities for their development as educators and researchers in all possible directions. There are other brand-new devices created for each cluster: equipment prepared from a children's school factory to a smart greenhouse (hydroponics), VASKhNIL scientists are currently working on the latter. An important part of the school's educational program is work with both disabled (children with autism spectrum disorders) and gifted kids. As for extra-curriculum activities there is also a great number of current trends in modern children's movements (from the RSM to the Youngarmy).

- We are waiting for an active team of like-minded people. We will have to make our schoolchildren that come here from different educational organizations feel as a family. So, we need young, motivated teachers who are able to choose the direction they like and build an individual development trajectory. The Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University and NIPKiPRO are going to create a scientific and methodological center at our school to facilitate the teachers’ efficient work, - emphasizes Anna Dmitrievna.

The school currently needs:

- Primary school teachers;

- Resource center tutors for children with autism spectrum disorders;

- Math teacher;

- Geography teacher;

- Technology teacher;

- Art teacher;

- Facilitator for the Russian Schoolchildren Movement (RSM)

For more information, please, contact Principal Anna Dmitrievna Shmakova (+7 913 746 02 76,, or Deputy principal for Educational work Olga Vladimirovna (+7 913 906 17 22), or Employment Promotion Center for NSPU Graduates Anna Alexandrovna Ivanova (383) 269-24-30

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