An NSPU esports gamer presented the university at the profession-oriented conference in Sochi

On December 22-25, the educational center “Sirius” in Sochi hosted the All-Russian conference “Esports 2030: development prospects and directions”. An NSPU student Daniil Krutko participated in the event. He is also a supervisor of the «NSPU.Esports» club.

The conference is aimed at systematizing the norms of current regulation and scientific research on esports in the educational environment, identifying the development prospects and directions of esports in Russia. It was organized by the Science and Technology University "Sirius" and the Federation of Computer Sports of Russia.

For two days, sports experts, educationalists, scientists and specialists in youth policy from different parts of the country, as well as representatives of public organizations and students from more than 40 universities discussed key issues of esports development: what specialists and scientific research the industry needs, what way esports coaches and managers are trained, what is needed to develop university sports and open esports clubs at Russian universities.

The head coach of the Russian national athletics team, the Olympic champion in athletics Yury Borzakovskiy started the conference with a 5 km “Esports race” in the Olympic park in Sochi.

The conference also included the following events:

  • The plenary session “Esports 2030” attended by leading experts from various spheres;
  • The penal discussion “Student esports” and the roundtable discussion “Advanced cognitive research in Esports”

In the afternoon, the participants moved to “Sirius Arena” and took part in the topical session. They discussed student esports and creating esports clubs at universities, in particular their management and development as well as computer game influence. The guests were also offered to practice their competitive skills at workshops there.

  • At the workshops “Esports team management”, “Running competitions”, “Esports project implementation” the participants acquired a plenty of new competences and addressed their questions to the speaker.
  • At the panel discussion “Education and science in esports” the experts shared their experience of educational project implementation, esports arena development, digitalization of the teaching process and conducting research work.
  • At the panel discussion “Esports from school to the Games of Future”, the representatives of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE) talked about student esports and esports club development, they also discussed creating the first esports school in Russia.

In conclusion, the conference organized an excursion to the laboratories of interdisciplinary sports research in “Sirius Arena” and the Olympic park. The participants made small groups to discuss joint projects and work on topical issues of the event.

- Esports in Russia is going to be supported and developed in all directions. NSPU has its esports club with more than 100 active gamers. We invite everyone to join us or follow our progress, - said Daniil Krutko. – We hope our experience will help to develop esports at our university and in our country.

The official esports club at «NSPU.Esports».

Eugeny Grishukov