NSPU Esports: a promising direction

On June 29, NSPU hosted another Esports tournament in the discipline "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive". 1st and 2nd students of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Information and Technological education participated in the competition.

Esport (it is sometimes called cyber sports) is a form of competition using video games. It may be held in teams when two or more teams can compete or individually.
Esports in Russia was classified as a sport early in 2016. Counter-Strike, however, became an official esports event only in May 2022. So, it is true to say that NSPU not only develops modern tendencies in gaming and sport, but also follows new tends in the mentioned directions.

- Our university is actively developing esports. We held an esports tournament among 1-2nd year IFMITO students a while ago. There are 8 esports teams at NSPU all in all. Domestic competitions of this kind facilitate students’ preparation for upper level contests like the city and all-Russian tournaments. So, we organize these events as often as we can. – says a supervisor of the NSPU esports club, a 2nd year IFMITO student Daniil Krutko.

Here are the tournament results:

1 place. The team of the 2-year students majoring “Education in Additive and Science-Intensive Technologies”;
2 place. The team of the 1-year students majoring “Information Systems and Technologies in Education”;
3 place. The team of the 1-year students majoring “Education in Additive and Science-Intensive Technologies”.

Last December, the Esports program at NSPU was presented at the All-Russian Conference "Esports 2030: Prospects and Directions for Development" at the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi. The purpose of the conference is to systematize and unite the norms of current regulation and scientific research on esports in education, to identify the potential and direction of the development vector of esports in Russia. It was organized by the Scientific and Technological University "Sirius" and the Federation of Computer Sports of Russia.

For two days, experts in sports, education, science and youth policy, as well as representatives of public organizations and students from more than 40 universities from all over the country, including NSPU, discussed key issues in the development of e-sports: what specialists and scientific research the industry needs, how esports coaches and managers are trained, what is needed for the development of student esports and how to open esports clubs at Russian universities.

Alexander Terentiev