“Flagships of Education. Students”: two victories for NSPU

On May 27, Petersburg at the site of the Russian State Pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen ended the final of the All-Russian professional competition “Flagships of Education. Students” of the Presidential Platform “Russia is a Land of Opportunities”. According to the results of the final competitions, 2 NSPU students became winners: Arina Fuks, a student of the Institute of Philology, Mass Media and Psychology, and Kristina Kravchenko, a student of the Faculty of Psychology.

- The competition has come to an end. In fact, it's even a little sad that it's all over. I’m extremely happy with my victory. I’m deeply grateful to the organizers of the competition for making it simply unforgettable and filling it with interesting competitive events. We also thank NSPU for their help and support. No doubt, I will take part in the competitions of the platform “Russia is a Land of Opportunities” again and again, - says an IFMIP student Arina Fuks.

The total number of the applicants for the project “Flagships of Education. Students” was 26,955 people from 84 regions of Russia. In February, the participants passed remote testing. Then later, in April and May 2022 district semi-finals were held in 8 cities of Russia with more than 800 students to participate.

The winners will receive post-project support from the “Senezh” Management Workshop. Finally, a new community of winners, finalists and semi-finalists will be formed based on the results of the competition. Their work will be supervised with the help of mentors from among the winners and experts of the “Education Flagships. School". The project laureates will also be able to go on tourist trips around Russia free of charge as part of the “More than a Journey” project.

The project “Flagships of education. Students” is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

Alexander Terentiev