The Governor thanked the team of the Novosibirsk Region for their successful performance at the Delphic Games - 2022

On June 21, the Government of the Novosibirsk Region hosted the ceremony where the head of the region Andrey Travnikov presented awards to the winners, prize-winners and mentors of the Novosibirsk team of the XXI Youth Delphic Games of Russia. Representatives of the NSPU delegation were also awarded by the Governor.

In the team championship of the XXI Youth Delphic Games the Novosibirsk region took second place among other delegations of the country. This year our team took part in competitive and festival programs in 25 nominations and finished with 29 medals. Our team got 10 gold, 12 silver and 7 bronze medals, as well as 24 special diplomas.

– Thank you for keeping standards high in representing our region in the Delphic Games. Novosibirsk residents have been successfully participating in this youth creative competition for 16 years already. During this period, our team has received gold medals six times and we have always been among the winners. Moreover, if we address to the unofficial medal results of the Novosibirsk teams in the Games, then our groups will probably be the most successful among other regional teams in the country. These successes are surprising. They reflect the impact of our teachers’ traditional school, a powerful school that has been grown up in the Novosibirsk region. This also confirms the fact that our region is the main cultural center. It is true to say, Novosibirsk always attracts talented and gifted young people who want to grow and succeed. All your achievements are a huge contribution to the common picture of prosperity, glory, pride, history of our region, - emphasizes the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Andrey Aleksandrovich Travnikov.

Minister of Culture of the region in an acting capacity Yury Zimnyakov presented certificates of honor and letters of thanks to the Novosibirsk team.

Here are our medal-holders: an IFMITO student Daniil Kutko won an honorary silver medal in the “Personal Data Protection” nomination. A student of the Institute of Arts Tamara Andryushchenko received a bronze medal in the “Folk Crafts” nomination. Special diplomas of the Delphic Games - 2022 were also awarded to the 2nd year student of the IESEN NSPU Ivan Perminov as the best speaker in the nomination "Visualization and Presentation of Scientific Research" and students of the NSPU Institute of Arts Natalia Elizarova, Tatyana Titova and Ksenia Kukarcheva in the nominations "Photography" and "Folk Crafts".

XXI Youth Delphic Games of Russia were held in Krasnoyarsk from 22 to 27 April. 2,783 contestants aged 10 to 25 took part in the Games as part of national teams from 79 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Participants competed for the title of the best in 34 categories of classical, folk and contemporary art.

The team of the Novosibirsk region is annually among the top three leaders according to the Delphic rating of regions of the Russian Federation. The team of gifted children and talented youth of the Novosibirsk Region took part in the Delphic Games for the first time sixteen years ago, and since then it has kept its leading positions in the Delphic rating of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Eugeny Grishukov