Gamification: a tool against boring learning or a subject for scientific research?

The plenary session was opened by Elena Vladimirovna Bogdanova, Head of the NSPU Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Children's Recreation and the main mastermind of the conference; she is also a supervisor of the fundamental research on the topic “Scientific and Methodological Substantiation of Gamification in Teaching Activities”.

- NSPU, on behalf of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, has been studying this large, promising and exciting topic for the second year in a row - the scientific and methodological support of gamification in education. This is our second conference to find and publish best projects. We hope that the conference website will become a common pedagogical resource to provide various tools, lectures and useful information for those involved in gamification of education, - noted Elena Vladimirovna.

In 2022, the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University has implemented a number of projects related to gamification in order to introduce them in the children's healthcare camp programs and in additional education. These are “The Vozhatsky Game: from Summer to Summer”, ordered by the Ministry of Education of the Novosibirsk Region, and the All-Russian Pedagogical Eduton “Online like offline”.  The latter was the winner of the All-Russian competition of youth projects among higher education organizations from Rosmolodezh. The projects were about online education and work with parents. Also, the university representatives took part in the All-Russian forum for young teachers "Lineyka" and the All-Russian educational intensive course "Transcription". As Elena Vladimirovna Bogdanova noted those projects helped the Siberian school of gamification become well-known all over Russia and gain more like-minded people.

On behalf of the NSPU administration, the participants of the conference were welcomed by the Vice-rector for Scientific work Boris Olegovich Mayer.

- The main objectives of the conference are to analyze scientific and methodological approaches to gamification, to identify the prospects for its implementation in educational process and to exchange our experience in this area. The audience of the conference is quite extensive, literally, from all over Russia, and I do hope that we will build fruitful communication that enables us to establish good professional ties between colleagues from different regions and different levels of education, - emphasized Boris Olegovich.

The plenary session included the following recognized experts in the field of gamification: Grigory Nikolayevich Kudashov (Tyumen), Alexey Sergeevich Ilyin (St. Petersburg), Olga Vladimirovna Armanskaya (Astrakhan), Olesya Vladimirovna Ledeneva (Moscow) and Elena Vladimirovna Bogdanova. They told the guests how to achieve desired results with a game, how to make the process relevant, innovative and diverse keeping pedagogical values as a priority, how to make gamification a permanent element of pedagogical everyday life, etc.

The panel session "Gamification in Online Education" continued the work of the conference. As the organizers noted this is a very popular topic. The work of this platform was supported by the educational platform "". The participants of this section included teachers and parents who developed a lively discussion around the topic. The speech of the Physics and Astronomy teacher from Kemerovo Ekaterina Shinkarenko aroused the greatest interest: she presented a learning pool of gamification tools that she uses in her lessons. Another important partner of the site was the VK educational center: its representatives spoke about the use of gamification in the development of school communities and support for school and youth projects. 

- The conference reveals new opportunities for gamification in various areas of education, the participants learnt about new technologies and techniques. Digital tools and modern methodological approaches can perfectly complement traditional face-to-face learning and provide live communication between the teacher and the student. Moreover, game technicians can help such communication to be even brighter and more exciting, - commented Vadim Zhukov, Head of the Development and Support center for school communities in VK.

Another area of work was devoted to personal game projects. The creators not only talked about the game itself and the methods of its implementation, but also reported on difficulties a teacher might encounter during its implementation and introduced all possible "pitfalls". Besides, the organizers presented 10 winning games of the Pedagogical Eduton "Online like Offline". The participants of the conference highly appreciated the game of local history (created by the Children’s and Youth Creativity Center "Junior", Novosibirsk), the game of financial literacy (created by the State Professional Educational Institution "Vorobyovy Gory", Moscow). They also liked the gamification tools in the work of a school psychologist (created by the secondary school 92, Novosibirsk) and educational resources of the Telegram (“Senezh” Management Workshop of the presidential platform "Russia is a Land of Opportunities").

- We, Lidia and Evgeny Ignatovy, are parents, and we are running the family project “OtherWe”. We are also members in the Regional Parents' Meeting and representatives of the Parents' Committee of the Economic lyceum in Novosibirsk. At the conference we presented our family activity calendar "OtherUs" and a calendar of activities and events for the year using ChatBot Telegram. We are interested in the topic of effective parenting. We try to develop ourselves in this area and tell other families, teachers about our experience, about various events and activities. Our participation in the conference certainly develops our skills, as we are constantly looking for new and interesting ideas that we will use and develop to make them even more useful and interesting, - said Evgeny Ignatov, whose game was recognized as one of the best at the Pedagogical Eduton.

 The third site was related to the gamification of the educational process. The participants included representatives of all levels of education: kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, subject teachers of general education and university professors.

- Gamification has become high in demand among students of all ages. Didactic games have traditionally been part of the teachers’ methodological kit. Moreover, the informatization of education has helped educators to expand the range of gamification tools to use. The conference speakers shared their practical experience in using gamification at different stages of education, gave many interesting examples of the productive and effective impact of gaming activities on students to achieve various goals of education, upbringing and development, - said the moderator of the section, Head of the Department of Geometry and Methods of Teaching Mathematics, IFMITO NSPU Evgenia Anatolyevna Yarovaya.

The result work of the conference will be a published collection of best projects "Gamification in Modern Pedagogical Education" (second edition), a unified resource on gamification and a media library for teachers.  There will be further cooperation between the NSPU and the VK educational center, the “” and the “Igron” platforms, as well as the publishing house “Russkoye Slovo”.

Alina Kirienko

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