"Educators of Russia" at NSPU: Best Educational Practice of the Country

The face-to-face format of the forum was the best option which helped to unite teachers and educators of the region, as well as to consolidate the community and motivate people to work in new conditions.

The forum was held for two days. The first day was presented by representatives of preschool education, on the second day there was a program for general education. The forum program included lectures, seminars and master classes from leading teachers, psychologists, methodologists and leaders of educational projects. Finally, the forum participants signed up for Telegram channels to receive methodological materials and announcements about upcoming events.

– I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University for your hospitality, as well as to all of you, our participants, for taking part in this event. Although teaching is considered to be a difficult job, we all enjoy and cherish the time we spend with children. And we are here to discuss current issues and find ways to solve them, - said the Head of educational projects of the All-Russian Forum "Educators of Russia: Innovations in Education" Elena Gennadievna Kobeleva.

– This meeting is going to be very informative and fruitful. Each of you has a unique opportunity to find answers to your questions, find new business contacts and exchange opinions. But the most important thing is to make sure that you are on the right professional path, - said Nikolay Alexandrovich Ryapisov, NSPU First Vice-Rector.

The participants considered the issues of interaction with parents via Internet and face-to-face, also behavioral cases, financial education methods, modern teaching and development methods in kindergarten, materials for project activities, burnout syndrome and other issues.

As part of the master classes, the forum participants were invited to learn the gaming techniques created by V.V. Voskobovich. They can be used in the correctional work of a speech therapist teacher, catering and health monitoring, drawing with colored and watercolor pencils, and plasticineography.

Also, the forum participants were introduced to the NSPU Technopark of Universal Pedagogical Competencies, a space equipped with the most modern devices for various educational, scientific and technical activities. The guests learnt the techniques of the 3D modeling and prototyping, they also used the Pirogov table and equipment for working with VR and AR technologies.

There was an exhibition of technological procedures and solutions of Russian manufacturers in the Forum as a business part of the program.

The All-Russian Forum "Educators of Russia: Innovations in Education" is a huge platform for communication and training of teachers from all over the country. Summing up the data in 2022, the forum brings together more than 350,000 teachers from 75 regions of Russia. It’s worth mentioning, the business partner of the forum is the Russian Academy of Education.

Eugeny Grishukov

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