NSPU Student of the Faculty of Psychology is a Finalist of the All-Russian Competition "Teacher of the Future Generation of Russia"

On December 1, the first stage of the competition was held at Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmullah. The participants did a diagnostic test to demonstrate an achieved level of subject and methodological competencies and conducted open lessons for schoolchildren of psychological and pedagogical classes. The lessons were evaluated by the professors of the Akmulla University and school teachers, who were winners and prize-winners of pedagogical skill competitions.

As the result of the event, 6 participants reached the final of the competition, an NSPU student Anastasia Bykasova was one of them.

- In the first part of the competition my task was to conduct an open lesson for 10th grade students and do a test. Here I faced a real challenge: there were only 20 minutes to conduct a lesson which is obviously too short, especially to cover a topic from Psychology. Fortunately, my faculty supervisors helped me to work out the technology of the lesson. It was very scary; the timing was really tough. Moreover, there were a lot of other strong contestants. On December 1, I passed the test in the chosen subject and held a lesson in the Technopark of the Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmullah. I’d say, everything went more than well. I was on time and managed to cover all the important points, - said Anastasia.

On December 2, the second stage of the competition finished and 6 participants entered the final. The discussion platform “Education of the Future. The Mission of the Future Generation Teacher of Russia” brought together the finalists so that they should answer the questions of the experts and present their perspectives on the development of Russian education. At first, the leaders of pedagogical universities who took part in the All-Russian Practical Forum interviewed the students: Salavat Sagitov (BSPU named after M. Akmulla), Nariman Asvarov (Dagestan State Pedagogical University), Ivan Krott (Omsk State Pedagogical University) and Konstantin Podrezov (Tula State Pedagogical University named after L.N. Tolstoy). After that, the students continued the discussion with the members of the jury of the competition. So, the results of this part determined laureates and the winner of the competition.

– Despite the fact that there was only one winner place, I am still proud of the work done. This is both valuable and unforgettable experience of teaching, and communication with colleagues from all over Russia. One of the main tasks of the competition was to get acquainted with representatives of other universities. Amazingly, we managed not only to get to know people, but also to make friends with other participants. There was no rivalry, no tension. Meetings with organizers, supervisors, representatives of other faculties were very warm, sincere and friendly. Moreover, we could see the city and feel the national culture.

All the six finalists were awarded memorable gifts and certificates to be enrolled on advanced training programs at the Institute of Further Professional Education "Vector of Development" at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmullah.

Alexander Terentiev

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