NSPU students of the Institute of Philology, Mass Media and Psychology had a go at studying in the innovative workspace

The multimedia laboratory is designed to record webinars, create educational products and presentations, and develop skills in working with multimedia technologies. As part of the classes, the students learnt how to deal with a teleprompter, record their stand-ups, audio and video podcasts.

The director of the pedagogical Technopark “Quantorium” Sergey Vladimirovich Starkov together with the lecturer of the Department of Journalism Pavel Nikolaevich Miroshnikov guided future media specialists through the LogoVision hardware-studio complex. The powerful performance kit is equipped with a professional video camera, sound equipment, glass board, chroma key to record video for various purposes in a learning environment.

With the help of the multimedia laboratory the teachers could also conduct their classes in photojournalism so as the students were able to learn how to adjust the light, master the basics of photo optics, composition and exposure.

The students also had a tour of the Technopark and the Quantorium. The guys got to know basics of designing and programming, tested the functions of the Pirogov interactive table, worked with augmented reality devices and studied the functionality of a digital microscope designed to observe and study objects in transmitted and reflected light using the bright field method.

At the end of the practice a new working schedule was conducted, and the future journalists will continue to master the necessary competencies in the multimedia laboratory.

Alexander Terentiev

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