NSPU Holds a Grand Opening Ceremony of the Year of Teachers and Mentors in Russia

This remarkable event included an awarding ceremony. Certificates of gratitude for the contribution to identifying and supporting gifted children in Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk Region were given to the heads of educational organizations where psychological and pedagogical classes have been created and continue to work. Long Service Award Certificates in Education and Science were also presented to the heads of scientific schools of the university.

A successful development and vitality of any country today is determined by the achievements in science and technologies, as well as economic sovereignty. These results strongly depend on high-quality education. This speech by Alexey Dmitrievich Gerasyov, Rector of Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, opened the Year of Teachers and Mentors at a solemn event at the university.

– The Year of Teachers and Mentors is an excellent reason to thank our mentors and veterans for their hard work and devotion. We use these events and meetings to get more in touch with our older generation so that we can think about new ways of collaboration and contribution to the development of education in the region in the current conditions. In addition, we need to decide on a number of key issues for the future. The most important of them is a new system of education in Russia, namely, what to apply and what to refuse. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin spoke about the country's sovereign education system for a reason. Today we are returning to the origins: the advancement of the Russian scientists is significant, so we are proud of the traditions of the Russian pedagogy. It is important that we cherish value of the domestic achievements. They will definitely facilitate our future system of education, so we have a rich legacy of culture and traditions left by many generations of scientists, teachers and mentors in Russia, - emphasized Alexey Dmitrievich.

Special words of gratitude were addressed to the heads of scientific schools of the university. These are powerful platforms for research at NSPU in many areas starting from the problems of pedagogical professionalism to health education. Mentors in 13 scientific schools have nurtured several generations of young specialists. Moreover, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University successfully supervises work of psychological and pedagogical classes in the region. The university organizes and conducts projects for high school students to study psychology and pedagogy, to develop emotional intelligence and leadership skills so that they can immerse themselves in the university environment. Heads of these educational organizations also received appreciation certificates from Svetlana Viktorovna Korolkova, Deputy Minister of Education of the Novosibirsk Region.

– It is especially significant that we launch the Year of Teachers and Mentors in one of the leading pedagogical universities. This is also important to me as I myself graduated from this university and devoted more than 20 years of my life to education. Today, in this concert hall we have those who can shape the future of our education system and our country. Talking to students of pedagogical universities, to students of psychological and pedagogical classes, I’d like to note that teaching is not a profession, it is a mission. This knowledge will make you keep moving. You and I have a unique opportunity to sow the reasonable, kind, eternal in our students’ mind, - said Svetlana Viktorovna.

Ramil Mirgazyanovich Akhmetgareev, an NSPU graduate, a History and Social studies teacher, a head teacher in the past and Head of the Education department of the Novosibirsk City Hall at present, congratulated the guests and the broadcast viewers on the coming Year of Teachers and Mentors.

- I am very proud that I am a graduate of the NSPU Faculty of History. The knowledge gained here remains for life. Let’s recall some facts from our history, in particular, a well-known phrase that the victory in the Great Patriotic War was won by a Soviet teacher. In my opinion, our current situation is quite challenging, so the decision taken by President of the Russian Federation to hold the Year of Teachers and Mentors means a lot for everyone. Those glorious traditions of mentoring and teaching, that we, our students and the older generation got in the pedagogical university, will live on in all educational institutions. I promise we’ll do our best to keep them.

The concert included performances of the exemplary choreographic ensemble "Breeze", the ensemble of folk-stylized dance "Kalinka". NSPU students and graduates Emil Malygin, Daria Shped, Arina Baranova and Nikolai Elistratov also participated in the concert.

Julia Panachuk

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