NSPU is the Winner of the First Grant Competition "Movement of the First"

As many as 2360 projects were submitted to participate in the first grant competition "Movements of the First", and 759 participants became winners. The total amount of funding is two billion rubles. The competition was held in 12 areas, the tracks “Learn and Explore”, “Find your Calling”, “Create and Inspire”, “Serve the Fatherland” received the greatest support.

Among the winner projects is one of Elena Vladimirovna Bogdanova, head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Children's Recreation of the NSPU Institute of Continuous Education. The work is dedicated to modern career guidance and popularization of pedagogical professions. It is expected that two thousand schoolchildren from Novosibirsk and the region will take part in the Accelerator project. Namely, they will learn top pedagogical specialties, get acquainted with experts and successful young teachers, create their own projects, and most importantly, “try on” the profession of a teacher and realize that working in modern Russian schools is exciting and promising.

– “The Accelerator” is a set of events at four thematic sites: the pedagogical game, the pedagogical blogging, the pedagogical innovations, the personal brand of the future teacher. These sites welcome schoolchildren of pre-profession-oriented and pedagogical classes and students of pedagogical colleges to learn modern pedagogical professions, carry out professional tests and become developers of their own design pedagogical solutions for teaching practice, – says Elena Vladimirovna Bogdanova, the author of the project.

In addition to face-to-face and networking meetings, and master classes, the Accelerator project also included a digital component. The participants created an online platform to collect and share ideas, develop a data bank of schoolchildren's design solutions, online course, etc.

Aleksey Dmitrievich Gerasoyv, Rector of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, underlines the importance of the career guidance system that can attract pedagogically gifted young people to the university. The university already has quite a lot of experience in supporting classes of a psychological and pedagogical orientation. The grant from the "Movement of the First" will facilitate further development and improvement of this work.

Alina Kirienko

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