NSPU Students Won 3 Million Rubles to Develop Start ups

The competition is held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation together with the Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere (Innovation Assistance Fund). The key goal of the organization is to financially support young scientists and small businesses that are engaged in scientific developments with bright prospects for commercialization.

The main goal of the competition is to make universities become a place to launch startups and stimulate youth entrepreneurship in the country. "Student Startup" is a unique opportunity for each participant to implement projects needed by their city, region or country.

This year, the competition jury received a record number of applications, in total, for 6 billion rubles. Students from 68 regions of Russia and 236 universities of the country took part in the project.

Winning projects of NSPU students

Maria Mansurskaya, a graduate of the NSPU Institute of History and Liberal Arts Education.

ProArt is a local art platform that creates its own museum , multimedia and interactive exhibitions. This art space makes all the treasures of museums easy to explore, study and understand.

– The idea to adapt the traditional museum came to me when I started work in the museum during my studies. At that moment I realized that children, and even many adults, get bored in museums, many works of art are really complicated for them. You have to be well prepared to enjoy them. Then I started working on my goal to make a platform, that can foster an interest in history and art, - says Maria. Now we are actively cooperating with schools to organize extracurricular activities and broaden the curriculum in History, Arts and other disciplines. We also would like to cooperate with undergraduates who have chosen a teaching career in these areas.

Rafik Sargsyan, 4th year student of the NSPU Institute of Physical, Mathematical, Information and Technological Education

UniPlay is a student esports platform.

The main goal of the project is to collect all the data about matches, players and teams in real time. After that, the collected data will be processed and analyzed in order to provide players, teams, spectators and organizers with modern statistical and analytical tools.

This platform collects and provides extensive statistics on players, teams and schools online. It benefits all the users who can easily track their progress, find their weak points and improve their skills. They can compare their results with other players and institutions that are registered on this platform and understand what needs to be done to improve their skills and achieve better results.

– Esports is one of the fastest growing professional industries in the world, attracting more and more attention and investment. UniPlay, as a platform, solves the problem of keeping statistics of players and educational institutions in the field of eSports. It helps you to track the success and achievements of players in various games, as well as track the statistics of teams and educational institutions that teach eSports disciplines,” - says the student.

Natalya Stepanova, 2nd year Master's student of the NSPU Institute of Continuous Education.

The mobile version of the site of the interactive educational system "Children's Atlas. We open Russia to children!” is a digital platform with interactive atlases about the regions of Russia, which teaches children to love their native land and promote the brand of the region.

The Atlas will help children learn information about the history, geography, culture of their native land and Russia in an interesting and playful way. This approach will certainly benefit children’s intellectual development in general, as well as provide new topics for discussion at home and at school.

The Living Atlas is currently under development, but you can see the concept on the Children's Atlas website.Online

At the moment, the project is being implemented in two directions:

1. Creation of a digital platform with interactive live atlases about the regions

2. Development and implementation of historical quests for children on the topics of nature, culture, history of Russia including visits to schools, kindergartens, libraries, museums.

The project is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund “Towards Changes”. The program has been implemented and operates in 20 schools in Novosibirsk and 1 kindergarten.

In 2023, all schools in the Novosibirsk region are planning to use the Atlas in classes.

– It’s really sad that children don’t have enough educational resources about the history of their native land on the Internet. We are striving to attract children’s interest in learning information about their country, their small homeland. So, we believe it can only be possible through a creative approach to learning. At the moment, the atlas is filled with games, cartoons, quests and it has its own characters, - says Natalia. We can also see a great interest in our project from schools. Recently, for example, we received requests to create maps for the Altai Territory and the Republic of Buryatia, and we are already working on them.

The fourth stage will be held in August and finish the competition (reception of applications ended on June 13). The results will show the full list of winners. This year it is planned to select 1.5 thousand startups.

– Weeks of expectations are over and now we can congratulate our guys who used this opportunity and prepared their business projects, successfully defended them before a panel of experts and finally became winners. It’s really great that even if there were more than a thousand interesting and strong projects, the jury chose and supported the projects of our students, - says Larisa Vladimirovna Zdruykovskaya, Head of the NSPU Center for Fundraising Activities. – We hope that the list of winners will include new names of our university students. Once again, I congratulate our winners and wish them success in their projects!

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