Chinese Students Master their Russian at NSPU

The two universities have had a long-term cooperation in training specialists in Russian. So, a new cooperation agreement was signed in September. The NSPU Master's students of the program "Russian as a Foreign Language" go to Xinjiang State University for their teaching internship. Moreover, the NSPU Institute of Philology, Mass Information and Psychology is a place for Xinjiang University students to practice the Russian language.

- A delegation from Xinjiang State University visited NSPU in August. During their official meeting with the rector, Professor Alexey Dmitrievich Gerasyov, our Chinese colleagues declared their intentions to develop and strengthen not only scientific and educational ties with NSPU, but also facilitate exchange programs for students and teachers, assist in scientific, cultural and educational events. Earlier, in May 2023, as part of a business trip to China, we met with the Xinjiang University students who wished to expand their knowledge about culture and the Russian language in Novosibirsk, - notes Elena Yuryevna Bulygina, Director of the NSPU Institute of Philology, Mass Information and Psychology.

This year, after the pandemic, the two universities organized ten-month internships for Bachelor’s students and six-month internships for Master’s students. Currently, a group of Chinese students including five first degree students, one second degree student and a future graduate are studying at Novosibirsk Pedagogical University. The interns are supervised by their teacher, Mrs. Zhu, who will teach Chinese at NSPU for 3 months,

- I was in Novosibirsk 10 years ago, but this is my first time when I guide students. I am a high-level scientist and am looking for specialists in Chinese culture and the language in general. The atmosphere here is very good, if there is another opportunity to visit NSPU, I will definitely come, - said Ms. Zhu.

Students of Xinjiang State University will stay at NSPU for 10 months to improve their Russian language and learn about the history and culture of Siberia. Young people are gradually getting used to our training system, where one lesson lasts an hour and a half. In Novosibirsk, the guests also chose their Russian names, such as Slava, Nikolay, Christina, Valeria, Marina.

- I have very bright impressions, people here live in harmony with nature. Our main goal is to have speaking practice in Russian as well as listening. We are gradually learning about Russian culture. Before that, we only heard about traditions and life in Russia on television, - notes Slava.

The students can speak Russian very well. Yet, they want to improve it every day, especially, the knowledge of the Russian language associated with the family traditions. As there are some learners whose parents studied Russian since childhood.

- The people here are really kind, I have a lot of friends, and I can feel a very friendly atmosphere, - says Christina.

NSPU volunteers help the foreign students get used to a new environment and join the exciting student life. The guests have already learnt about the university’s new educational spaces and the campus. They also took part in university events, visited a park in the center of Novosibirsk and walked on Lenin Square. It is planned to visit other sights of the city such as various museums, Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, etc.

The Chinese students are also assisted in terms of solving emergency issues and adaptation to some unusual conditions.

- This is my first time working as an assistant for foreign students. It is very interesting. My volunteers and I make a schedule of events and also help the students solve issues related to their studies. Now we are considering what places would be best to visit with our guests in order to introduce them to the city, - said Marina Vladimirovna Shpilman.

In the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, the Ministry of Education of Russia is implementing large-scale work to promote the Russian language in foreign countries and develop academic exchange programs. Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University is the head university to cooperate with universities in the Celestial Empire.

The renewal of international exchange programs between the two universities opens up enormous opportunities both for the student and scientific communities.

Studying at a pedagogical university in the capital of Siberia, as the Chinese guys describe this, creates excellent opportunities when applying for a job back in China.

For reference:

Xinjiang University is a state university in the People's Republic of China, founded in 1924. The university is one of the key educational institutions in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The educational institution is multidisciplinary and trains specialists in the Humanities and Natural sciences. The main campus of the university is located in Urumqi. More than 30 thousand students study at the university majoring in various programs.

Anna Zilberberg

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